Thursday, January 1, 2009

Studio Update


My studio is not finished yet, but I have to work – I need to work – and besides that I've got some commissions to finish. This is one of them and the working space is our living room!

Well, as long as I have at least some daylight, a view including couple of trees and blue sky, I can live with that.


dkpark said...

That's an amazing piece!

intelliwench said...

Happy New Year, Elin!

Judy said...

Happy New Year, Elin! ((hugs)) and I hope it's a wonderful 2009 for you!

Love your working space, your home, and the surroundings,and yes, I also love the natural light.

Your painting looks so soothing, what I can see of it. :)

Doug said...

I am happy to just have access to a blank wall by moving a few things around. I could use a bit more natural light, but I like a north west facing. I don't get the sun in my eyes any more in the morning :-)

Happy New Year, Elin!

lowandslow1 said...

Kelly would LOVE that studio. Your work is spectacular. :)


bontebal said...

I agree with dkpark, an amazing piece, like most of your pieces. My wish: have a very good year. Love