Sunday, January 11, 2009


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Blue: Blue is not only a color, in Danish the phrase blåøjet (blue-eyed) can refer to a naïve person or to an idea that is naïve.
The colour Blue is also preferred by passive people, who wish to be left in peace,
who do not wish to get into arguments, who are tolerant of others who, while thinking differrently, also prefer peace.
(Anyara Quote from Christopher Hills)


Leya said...

For some reason, I'm not quite sure why, I've had a hard time working with blue lately. Perhaps it's the excessive aggression in the world. Or maybe a more outgoing, less passive phase. Still thinking about it and having trouble with blue.

Love your photo. Makes blue look so appealing. Maybe I can rethink this one.

swanpetal said...

This reminds me of my home. Have a good day Elin!


TuesdayPillow said...

That is interesting - the color green is associated with naivety here - I love BLUE!!!

burstmode said...

I love blue...but yellow is my favourite colour. I think I like yellow because that was my house colour when I was in school.

Mira M. White said...

Blue is a very powerful color in areas of spiritual study. It is the color of Krishna, the color of the disciple on the spiritual path, the subtle, electrical world, and has such an engulfing quality. Not only was I obsessed by " electric" blue for over 10 years, but I have a knit wool color in that same intense hue!