Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Riot of Colors


Ahead on the otherwise monotonous and flat moors lies this area, - alive with a riot of colors. Random areas of white, red, yellow, and various shades of brown overlap each other in a startling mosaic. Within the area lie several ponds and pools. The ponds are quite beautiful to behold, with a deep azure hue that gradually darkens toward the center.

There's nothing else there. That's what I liked about this landscape. Nothing to disturb you but the wind. Sometimes I miss this special place. But not that much.


Tuesday, October 7, 2008



While walking past the scene above I was struck by its minimalism ~ the tiny trees on the peninsula ~ surrounded by an almost indistinguishable earth and sky. I've felt just like this picture many times, but there is beauty to be found during the lonely segments on Life's path, don't you think? It might feel as though no one is there, but the earth and sky... the Universe... is always there, connected to you.

Studio Installation


Favorite Trees


Paperworks 2008 · Mixed Media · 50 x 40 cm


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I am a full time professional artist working with abstract landscape painting. I live in Denmark. This journal is just a place for me to write my random thoughts about my work, and share some of my photography now and then. I spend my free time outdoors, biking, walking, gardening, travelling . . . photography is a big hobby for me, always has been.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

On The Problem of Form

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I once had a problem with green. I simply couldn't use that color. I just didn't like it, and the fact that I was a big fan of
Kandinsky, made me more than convinced about that. But then; during a roadtrip, I captured a few green sceneries. In this
particular wet, wet summer everything was so fresh and unbeliveable green. This fine hilltop was inhabited by black and
white cows, and made me recollect Kandinsky's words from his book "On the Problem of Form".

The expressionistic painter Vassily Kandinsky (1866-1944), ignored green in his works. He deemed green a "limiting element"
and the color of bourgeoisie based on its passive effect. Green is "similar to a fat and very healthy, motionless cow,
capable but of ruminating and watching the world with its stupid and dull eyes". (Kandinsky 1952)

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Yellow and red rests in green.

Further comments by W. Kandinsky:
A well balanced mixture of blue and yellow produces green. The horizontal movement ceases; likewise that from and towards
the centre. The effect on the soul through the eye is therefore motionless. This is a fact recognized not only by opticians but by
the world.

Green is the most restful colour that exists. On exhausted men this restfulness has a beneficial effect, but after a time it
becomes wearisome. Pictures painted in shades of green are passive and tend to be wearisome; this contrasts with the active
warmth of yellow or the active coolness of blue. In the hierarchy of colours green is the "burgeoisie" - self satisfied, immovable,
narrow. It is the colour of summer, the period when nature is resting from the storms of winter and the productive energy of spring.

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