Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Riot of Colors


Ahead on the otherwise monotonous and flat moors lies this area, - alive with a riot of colors. Random areas of white, red, yellow, and various shades of brown overlap each other in a startling mosaic. Within the area lie several ponds and pools. The ponds are quite beautiful to behold, with a deep azure hue that gradually darkens toward the center.

There's nothing else there. That's what I liked about this landscape. Nothing to disturb you but the wind. Sometimes I miss this special place. But not that much.



DAL said...

Hi, Elin. I have you bookmarked, and I'll be over to visit often.


O~ said...

I think I would like to get back to writing and started two blogs(one photo and one for writing) here hoping for a bit of inspiration from the newness ... but well its a little lonely... now your here too!! And Doug!

Madame said...

Jeg nyder dine billeder, Elin :-)

Judy said...

This is such great timing that I see this solitute photography this morning. :)

Beautiful and quietness, how lovely these pictures are!

Makes me forget all about the cars whizzing by on the street below my windows.

I'll put you in my links too, once I find out how to get that label box thing out, and put a link box in,lol.

Judy said...

Hi Elin, my breakfast is eaten and I'm back here. I think I found where you are talking about the sign in name.

Go to edit your profile. Go to the sign in name. You can change this anytime, I think.

I'm practicing in here, not going to my appointment today.

hugs, Judy

Vilhelmsdal on-line said...

Oh Thanks Judy!

I will do that when I'm around!
The blog Vilhelmsdal on-line is in danish, and this one is english, so I guess I could easily confuse my readers ;-)